The most important questions and answers on mistletoe therapy

This page provides you with a summary of the most important questions and answers concerning the treatment of cancer with mistletoe extracts. Please note that many of the topics discussed on this page are still controversial. The answers are based on the clinical and practical experience of physicians who are experienced in the use of mistletoe therapy. If the statements presented here deviate from what your physician has advised you we suggest that you consult your physician on this. 

The whens and hows of mistletoe therapy

When is it best to start a mistletoe therapy?

Is it possible to take mistletoe therapy alongside chemo and radiation therapy?

Does it make sense to start mistletoe therapy when metastases have already developed?

Is mistletoe also an option in the treatment of lymphoma?

How long does the treatment last?

Is it necessary to monitor blood count?

Does mistletoe therapy have an influence on tumor markers? 

Does mistletoe interfere with the action of other drugs?

Can mistletoe therapy alleviate pain?

Which mistletoe preparation is the right one?

Why are so many physicians opposed to mistletoe therapy?

Can mistletoe promote tumor growth?

On side-effects

Is the skin reddening an allergic reaction?

The red area itches – does it come from an allergy?

Isn’t fever caused by mistletoe dangerous?

On Injections

Do mistletoe preparations always have to be injected?

Do the injections hurt?

Does it have to be the belly or thigh?

Small lumps have developed around the place of injection. What do they come from?

Do I have to do the injection myself?

At what time of day should the injection be given?

What should be done when it is time for the next injection but the redness has not gone away yet?