About Steiner Health

Steiner Health is a 501(c)[3] nonprofit founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1997. The organization was founded on the principles of anthroposophic medicine, empowering patients, creating a space for therapies and education, and providing financially accessible alternative and complementary medicine. 


Steiner Health provides holistic medical care with attention to how our practices impact our patient’s longterm physical and spiritual health, as well as how our actions impact the physical and social environment. 

Steiner Health (or Community Supported Anthroposophical Medicine) was founded in 1997 as a 501(c)[3] not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing patient care, education and research in health care through Anthroposophically-Integrated Internal Medicine. We are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Our work is made possible through donations from individuals and small foundations, as well as fees for patient services.

CSAM is governed by a Board of Directors and oversees a medical practice, including physicians and anthroposophically trained therapists, and runs education and outreach programs, research projects, and the Rudolf Steiner Health Center.


Our Three Functions

Health Center

The Health Center is modeled after the anthroposophic hospitals in Germany, where our doctors were trained. It is the only inpatient anthroposophic medical center in the United States.

Outpatient Office

The doctor’s office is a community supported, not-for-profit practice. The doctors practice a form of integrative medicine called anthroposophic medicine.

Patient Organization

The patient organization, founded in 1998, is one of the first direct care models in the country. The idea was to create a collective of people who have a different economic relationship to health care.

Founding Physicians

Molly McMullen-Laird, M.D.

Dr. McMullen-Laird specializes in Internal Medicine. She received her medical degree from Tulane School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. McMullen-Laird completed her internship and residency at Reading Hospital in Pennsylvania. She served on active duty as a flight surgeon for the U.S. Air Force in Bitburg, Germany before spending a year working at the Ita Wegman Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland.

Quentin McMullen, M.D.

Dr. McMullen’s specialty is Internal Medicine. He received his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. McMullen completed his internship and residency at Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Pennsylvania. He served in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Birburg, Germany for four years. Following his military service, he trained at the Filderklinik in Germany and at the Lukas Klinik in Switzerland.

Health Center Staff

Linda Teaman, Singing

Robert Rickman, Massage Therapy

Sara Vandermeulen, Nursing

Bojo, Therapy Dog

Office Staff

Charles Nalbandian, Bookkeeper

Mara Gibson, Development

Noah Banks, Reception


Board of Directors

Dwight Ebaugh

Mara Gibson

Judith Erb

Geoff Rob

Howard White

Brian Vroom

Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird

Dr. Quentin McMullen

2023 Community Advisory Board

Barbara Richardson, Sue Bradley, Victor Leabu, Cathy Sims-O’Neil, Claudette Stern, Dan Szekely, Dwight Ebaugh, Geoff Robb, Judie Erb, Melinda Toney, Pam Gilespi, Rita Hench, Bob Rickman, Tom Voiles, Bill Manning, Craig Albert, Christiana Hench, Alandra Meade, Rodger Wolff, Annie Elder, Paul Bantle, Burley Channer, Debbie Burr, Linda Teaman, Sara Warber, Brittany Honos, Brian Vroom

Our Facility

Rudolf Steiner Health Center

We are currently using the building for health sessions. Following the first few years of our ramp up phase we anticipate being operational year round. Some of our staff is local and others come from a distance to assist us in the training and building up of a permanent staff. We purchased the Anna Botford Bach home in June of 2003 and have made many changes already, but anticipate more changes over the next years.

Read about the history of Ann Arbor


Dr. McKenzie, an obstetrician, built the Anna Botsford Bach Home in 1916. The building was then purchased by Anna Botsford Bach in 1927 and used as a home for elderly women until 2002, i.e., 75 years of service! There are examples of the historic past in various parts of the house. In the library is a photo of Anna, for instance.

Environmentally Friendly
Our goal is to have the most environmentally friendly operation possible. We are happy that the building has no sources of modern building materials, which tend to off gas. We use only biodegradable and perfume free laundry and cleaning agents. The food we purchase is organic or biodynamic and includes as much local produce as we can organize. We have relationships with many of the local farmers and use food that is in season and as fresh as we can find.

We have a small shop in the library with body care, postcards and some books. Please ask in the office for assistance. The library also contains a small collection of donated books that may be borrowed during your stay.

Founding C-Share Members

Anonymous (22)

Weleda, North America (6)

Udom Manomai-Udom (4)

Yumiko & David Harris (3)

Dr. Luke Y. Kim (3)

Anthroposophical Therapy & Hygiene Association ANTHA (2)

Curtis E. Bottum, Jr. (2)

Burley & Mary Lynn Channer (2)

Ray Kahlbach, Jr. (2)

Mark Abrams

A Friend of Camphill Village

Joan & Clopper Almon

Judy & John Alexander

Erika V. Asten, PhD

C & H Leasing, Inc (Steve & Carole Coulter)

Catherine & Cortlandt Cammann

In Memory of Pamela Campau

Charlie & Lee Ann Candon

Barbara L. Carter

Kathleen Alice Davis

From your friends at Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Sydney Duncan

In Memory of Walter O. Duncan IV

The J. Venner Family

WS Badger & Co, Inc

Moira Walsh

In Memory of Nell and Austin Embrey

In Memory of Ed & Minona Emery

Werner A. Fabian, MD

Jo & Robbie Forkish

In Memory of Mary Lou Fritts-Williams

The Gibson Family

Karl & Helen Gierman

Yates C. Hafner

Annemarie Heintz

Dr. Peter Hinderberger

In Memory of Hedy Hohnberg

Betsy Holloran

Gertrude Reif Hughes

Baerbel Irion, MD

Susan R. Johnson, MD

Hartmut Junge

Jane Kieran

Joy Redfield Kwapien

In Memory of Maddy Laird

Charles & Joey Deni Lambert

Alicia Landman-Reiner, MD

Donald Levitt

Julia Aviva Levitt

Christian Wessling, MD

Joanne E. Wheaton 

In Memory of Ella Wiitala

Bill Manning

The Leshock Family 

Kate Leshock

Dwight Owens Macklin

Christopher Mann

Martha McDowell, James Sandall & Sarah Sandall

Aida & Nigel McGugan

In Memory of Helena McMullen

In Memory of Ann Mikolowski

Professor Douglas Miller

In Memory of Joy Saunders Miller

Marguerite Miller

Andree Naylor

Alex Rampalli

Meera Rampalli

Alexandra  Riabova, MD

Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor Faculty

Sacramento Faust Branch

Tim & Veronica Schalek

Barry & Lin Schaye

William Stewart

Katherine L. Thivierge, Esq.

Dr. Melinda Toney

Uriel Pharmacy

Basil B. Williams, DO

Ursula & Martin Wolf

Twenty Years of Alternative Medicine

Since it’s founding in 1997, Steiner Health has been introducing new ways of looking at healthcare. Should healthcare practitioners and stakeholders focus on the patient rather than profit? Should safe alternative methods be considered before aggressive conventional drugs? Should health and community building go together? The Steiner Health practice and community are a result of answering these questions with a resounding ‘yes.’

Get in Touch

If you have further questions, comments, press inquiries, collaboration requests, or if you are interested in working with us, please feel free to reach out via the form below or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!