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Current Patients

Our patients can request follow-ups, get directions, and order refills all on our patients tab.

Home Health

Learn the basics of home health and simple alternatives to the harmful things in our everyday lives.

New Patients

Whether you need primary care or cancer treatment request a new patient appointment to join the practice.

20 Years of Alternative Care

Since 1997 Steiner Health has been offering affordable family medicine that integrates alternative remedies as much as possible, keeping your family and the world a cleaner, healthier place.

Family Doctor

As MD’s Dr. Molly and Dr. Quentin can provide all the services of a traditional family doctor while understanding when alternative medicine is a better fit.

Alternative Cancer Care

With over 40 years of combined experience our doctors can help you navigate the challenging world of choosing the best cancer treatment plan.

Child Care

Our doctors start seeing patients at 2 weeks old so you can start considering alternatives for your child as early as possible.

Safe Medicine

Our doctors look to alternative medicine first, keeping you and the environment safe from unnecessary medication.


Dr. Molly works with patients to develop a nutritional program that is sustainable and creates a healthy relationship to food for lasting health.

Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Quentin has helped countless people manage their chronic fatigue using non-toxic alternative methods.

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