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Flint Healing

Our Flint Healing initiative has been active since the beginning of the flint water crisis. Each summer we train a group of interns to provide detox aid and lead testing. We then work with the residents of Flint to get them the care and information they deserve. Learn more and support the program below.

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Mobile Unit

It’s real, our new vehicle is in the Steiner Health parking lot! It is a great vehicle and a big purchase but we’ve worked so hard over the years developing our summer internship program to the point where we know we can deliver much needed care to the people of Flint. Now we’re taking it to the next level.
We are purchasing this vehicle to be able to deliver much more comprehensive detox care to the thousands of people still living with the fallout from the Flint water crisis. We’re calling this vehicle, and our campaign in Flint; The Flint Healing Mobile Unit.
The doctors and interns will be driving it to Flint, MI daily during the summer internship program to deliver natural detoxification help directly to the people of Flint. Most importantly this vehicle lets us bring that care to the front doors of the residents still trying to cope with the brunt of the water crisis. In previous years we ran our program from churches and fields, and while we tried to be as centrally located and accessible as possible, it just doesn’t compare to the impact we can have if we’re able to bring the care to the places it’s needed most.
Our plan is to outfit the vehicle with everything we’ll need to bring the lessons we’ve learned over the past 20 years at the Health Center to Flint. There will be liver support tea, compresses, footbath kits, nutritional tips, and detox recipes with tastings.
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and our mission not only includes holistic care to those who can not afford it otherwise, but also education to prevent and minimize disease through diet, lifestyle and support with safe natural remedies. We’re coming to you for sponsorship for the purchase, reskinning, and outfitting of this vehicle. Our goal is $25,000 to be able to deliver on our vision for this year in Flint.
As a sponsor you will have prominent decals on the Flint Healing Mobile Unit as a thank you for making it possible. The decals will remain on until next year’s program so anywhere the Flint Healing Mobile Unit goes, you’ll be there. Decals will come in three sizes, corresponding to our three levels of support. Please give as generously as you can so that we can make this program everything our brothers and sisters in Flint deserve.
Thank you for joining our “compassion on wheels” campaign in Flint and beyond,


Molly McMullen-Laird, MD
Medical Director,
Rudolf Steiner Health Center

Program Sponsors:

Better Health, Eden Foods, Maggies Organics, Hoekstra Transportation, Bank of Ann Arbor, Grazing Fields.