Retreat Center

Intensive Retreats

Attend one of our intensive retreats to set a course for health, enjoy alternative therapies, and be treated by our MD’s.

Fasting Weekend

Our fasting weekends are a great way to reset your system, support your body in healing, and learn what you need.

Detox Weekend

Our medically supervised detox weekend focuses on diet, liver function, and rhythm and how to eliminate and manage toxins.

Our Intensive Sessions

Customized Plan

Our physicians develop a plan for sustained health with you


Our kitchen prepares all your meals using fresh organic produce and following Dr. Molly’s nutritional guidelines.


Our educational program covers topics from nutrition to home nursing meaning you’ll leave ready to live healthier.


Movement, singing, art, and massage therapies complement your medical plan during your stay.

Time To Reset

One of the most common things patients say is that the retreat gave them time to really focus on their health.

Cancer Care

Whether you’re looking for something to complement your conventional care or an alternative our doctors can help you.

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Our Facility

The retreat center is a historical building just a short walk from downtown Ann Arbor.  Originally built in 1916 the home is warm and spacious.  The common spaces and art room are in the lower level and patient rooms and other therapy rooms are on the second and third floor (an elevator is available for those who need it).  Steiner Health purchased the house in 2003 turning it into the first inpatient anthroposophical medical center in the United States.

Meet Our Staff

Our medical doctors and therapists work together to replenish your life forces and help your body heal itself.
There are few places one can go in the world and experience deep restorative healing.  Not just the parts of oneself that are unhealthy, but of the entire organism. This place does that!  After two weeks I am walking away with an organism harmonized and more ready to work in the world. Modern life -without us fully realizing it- contracts us into a space so narrow it is nearly impossible to fully breathe in or out.  But here, one can unfold, untangle, unravel, expand and in that expansion find the mirror of one’s deepest, wisest and highest self. The part of us that already knows what is needed for healing.
Coco, Retreat Participant2017

This retreat gave me time to rest and concentrate on getting well.

K.B., Cancer Patient2010

Thank you for all that you did to provide a relaxing, informative, wonderful and fulfilling medical retreat.

Harriet Parsons, Retreat Participant2010

Everyone was friendly, courteous, personable, and treated us like royalty.


My time at your center last year was really helpful. I needed to have the retreat in order to come to grips with my Non Hodgkins  large Diffuse B cell Aggressive cancer diagnosis. I am really glad I attended the retreat prior to  my chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My retreat came in the month after my diagnosis. Dr Molly and the retreat gave me the strength and insight to get me through this last year and a half of treatment. My physical body was primed to the max. My emotional and spiritual bodies were also put on the mend. Here a year and a half later integrating and processing the experience. Can’t thank the Rudolf Steiner Health Center, Sara, staff and Dr. Molly enough. Alive and thriving with a full head of hair, eyebrows, a sense of humour; scared sometimes but equipped to cope. Life journey. How can one say it well. Thanks for putting me on a path to optimal health and for saving my sanity and my life. I have just received a ” you have responded well to treatment and there is no sign of your lymphoma” speech by my oncologist. He seems surprised that my tumour shrunk so quickly. I think it was my stay at the Center that made ALL the difference. Words really cannot express my gratitude. How do you say thank you for saving my life. Thank you seems inadequate but thank you. Keep up the great work. Would and do sing your praises and recommend your retreats to anyone who tells me how healthy I look. Thanks.

Retreat Patient

It has been a total “joy” to be able to be here for two weeks. Everyone is so kind, pleasant, and nonjudgmental. You make us feel totally excepted no matter what we do or say. I have felt like I was in a cocoon of love. The whole program is wonderful. I enjoyed all the therapies, the wonderful meals, and the ability to speak with our doctors almost daily. It gives one the opportunity to really explore our problems to enable the physicians to get the best picture possible of what is going on. I liked everything! Everyone has been just wonderful, pleasant, patient, and with a warm smile. I came here very despondent about all my health issues and I am leaving with hope and a new lease on life.

Barbara Walker2010

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Rudolf Steiner health center. Well rounded curriculum of practices; flexibility; personal space honored; food was nutritious and healthy; Doctors and nursing care – i.e. compresses and special treatment for flare-up of radiation effects; friendliness and acceptance of all; warm and comforting environment. In particular I appreciated how movement, art, and music integrated harmony; massage therapy was very relaxing; compresses and rest. The food and menus were excellent as were the evening educational programs. Color therapy was awesome.All (staff) were friendly, caring, and informative consistently. Chefs were outstanding. Assistants and aides were thoughtful, friendly, and non-invasive. The nurse was outstanding with gentle and consistent care.Gratitude and heartfelt thanksgiving for this opportunity. Timing was perfect because of finishing the last week of radiation and the first week or recovering from 35 treatments and burn and fatigue side effects. Spiritual aspect encompassed healing for body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Joan Davis, Cancer Patient2011

I appreciate and honor that you have created a profound, holistic approach to healing and health in this country in one facility.  I am grateful you have been able to offer and sustain health care that has European attributes and respect people who want conventional care and yet offers the specificity of anthroposophical knowledge. I liked being with interesting, more like-minded people who, despite having serious health challenges, had a vibrancy and enthusiasm about their health care and their life. I like the house –  the building itself. It is strong, and solidly built, and I like being in here.
I really like singing. Sara is a lovely leader/teacher and I felt free to open my voice and find joy in singing. It felt uplifting to start the day with rhythms and sound. I also found each massage to be excellent. The massage therapist is very compassionate as a person and with her touch/treatment. She was an important part of my healing process. I liked movement and art therapy too. The therapists are very knowledgeable and supportive in their teaching. The color light therapist is very kind, and I especially liked the way she “ushered” and welcomed us into the space for color therapy. I found the evening lectures/discussions very helpful. Especially Dr. Quentin’s overview of Anthroposophy and Dr. Molly’s evening of recipes etc., the nurse’s compress, injections, teas, oils talk etc.
I especially want to thank the nurse for her dedication to helping us so diligently, accurately and compassionately. She was good humored and patient in all kinds of situations and attended most effectively to everyone’s needs.
I also want to thank Sara for her calm presence and accepting way of being. She made it possible for me to come because of her patience, encouragement and understanding of my situation and needs. She was patient and helpful during a number of challenging situations and I am very grateful. I want to thank the cook for her wonderfully delicious food, and the aides for their kind help too. And thanks to Dr. Molly and Dr. Quentin for their expertise and dedication to this integrative anthroposophical approach to health and healing. I am most grateful that they offer this kind of health care and cancer care in this country. Most influential in deciding to attend this session was the fact that I have a very challenging cancer scenario and I wanted the expertise of Dr. Molly and Dr. Quentin. I came here because I wanted to have the advice and experience of doctors who have worked with mistletoe treatments and other IV’s. I wanted anthroposophical treatments and approaches supported or combined with a conventionally trained MD. I wanted to get clarification and opinions/recommendations on treatment choices etc. for chemo with BRCA II triple negative grade III. And I wanted the soul work, as well. I wanted a spiritual component and understanding of cancer and a soul’s journey.
This is an impressive program and I’ve already told at least 5 potential patients about the center.

S B L., Cancer Patient2011

My time at the RSHC was a wonderful respite from my maniacal daily life – walk dog, make breakfast, clean up cat vomit, scarf up breakfast while shoving food into my lunch cooler, hop into clothes, water garden, fight traffic… etc. and it’s only 9am… (more…)

Christine H., Cancer Patient2011

I enjoyed the camaraderie formed between participants & staff, the rhythm of the day’s activities and meals, the homeyness, and the dedication of staff to the mission. I particularly liked spatial dynamics. It was lovely, as a kinesthetic learner, to have this focus.  I’d never worked with watercolors very much and the atmosphere created helped get the momentum. Thank you Sara!  I loved the emphasis on cooking, especially the raw foods and mixing different grains and veggies. I enjoyed being in the infusion room with local folks and also appreciated Dr. Quentin’s sensitivity to when that might be overwhelming, thank you for the options. (Most influential in deciding to attend this session was) the appearance of lung nodules from rectal cancer and the ongoing chronic aspect of having cancer. Thank you all very much!

Leslie B., Cancer Patient2010

The staff was kind, attentive, very competent, and warm.

Debbie S., Lyme Disease2012

The dedication and knowledge of the staff was excellent. I felt cared for and held throughout the retreat.

T.H. Cancer Patient2010