Retreat Center

Visit the only inpatient anthroposophic medical center in the U.S. and participate in one of our life-force intensive retreats.

Doctor's Office

Our medical doctors practice alternative medicine, integrating it with conventional treatments when necessary.

New Patients

Find out if Steiner Health is right for you.  Answer a few confidential questions and get the services that best fit you!

Truly Integrative

Our doctors are MD’s and they understand the medical realities of your condition. They know how to best employ alternative methods also know when conventional care is appropriate.

Intensive Retreats

Our life-force intensive retreats provide a space for our patients to address the root causes of their chronic illnesses while supporting each other on that journey.

Quality Care

Rather than maximizing how many patients our doctors see, we prioritize time with patients and the quality of the doctor patient relationship.

Safe Medicine

By using natural medicine whenever possible our doctors avoid much of the pollution of the body and the world that is a result of conventional medicine.

Patient Community

Our patient organization is not only a more sustainable economic model but a true community where patients support each other in healing.

Nonprofit Care

Because Steiner Health is a non-profit, you can be sure that the care you receive is for you and not for the enrichment of any individual or corporation.

What Is Anthroposophic Medicine?

Anthroposophic medicine is a form of medical practice developed by Rudolf Steiner that combines spiritual insight with practical diagnosis and healing to address the body as a whole. Conventional and complementary practices are integrated with homeopathics, plant medicines, and natural remedies to create holistic treatments. Over time, other therapeutic disciplines such as art, music, massage, and movement therapy have developed within the broader anthroposophic practice.

Meet The Staff

Having doctors that are trained in both traditional and alternative medicine allows for the best possible integrative care.

Twenty Years of Alternative Medicine

Since it’s founding in 1997, Steiner Health has been introducing new ways of looking at healthcare. Should healthcare practitioners and stakeholders focus on the patient rather than profit? Should safe alternative methods be considered before aggressive conventional drugs? Should health and community building go together? The Steiner Health practice and community are a result of answering these questions with a resounding ‘yes.’

Patient Organization Founded

January 1998  The Patient Organization of CSAM founded with 37 memberships, monthly fees $50 per family and $25 per individual.

First Office

May 1998 Office space located and expanded from rented room to 6 room office on South Huron Parkway

First Intensive Session

July 1999 First Summer Therapeutic Retreat held at Howell Nature Center

Moved To Stadium

Internship Program Started