For Chronic Illness, Cancer, or Wellness

Life Force Intensive Session

Next Session: October 25 – November 6th

Held at the Health Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, our two-week session is designed for patients with chronic illness and cancer. Daily therapies, group activities, and family style organic meals help you feel cared for and give you the energy to heal. Frequent doctors visits and evening educational programming bring focus to your medical plan. Learn more below!

About US

What We Treat

Over the last 20 years of running the intensive sessions our medical doctors have treated patients with an incredibly wide range of diagnoses. The format of the session (specifically the amount of time our patients spend with an MD) is especially beneficial for patients with cancer, or patients facing a very complex or undiagnosed condition. The session, however, is beneficial for anyone working towards health, regardless of condition or diagnosis. 

The Program

The two-week intensive therapeutic session is designed for ambulatory individuals with a variety of ailments, chronic illnesses, or anyone seeking a restorative regimen. Our patients have suffered chronic fatigue, recovery from chemotherapy, arthritis, stroke, MS, digestive issues and many other problems. Many of our patients receive Mistletoe, an anthroposophical homeopathic cancer treatment.  As a patient, you will receive individual medical care from founding physicians Quentin McMullen, MD and Molly McMullen-Laird, MD. 

Both physicians were trained in Internal Medicine in the United States and in Anthroposophical Medicine in Europe.

A unique feature of our therapeutic sessions is the availability of anthroposophical therapies: therapeutic eurythmy, speech formation, art therapy, color-light, music, rhythmical massage, therapeutic baths, and nursing therapies. A talented, dedicated team of therapists, under the medical direction of Drs. Molly and Quentin McMullen, create an unparalleled healing environment.

Nursing Care

Anthroposophical nursing goes beyond traditional nursing by addressing the need of patients to be listened to and cared for in their surroundings. The quality of the air, light, heat, textures of bedclothes, fresh water and flowers, appropriate for the illness of the patient, are attended to. Footbaths, bodywork with oil rubbings, and encouragement in all the rhythms of the day are found in the relationship between nurse and patient.


Three meals per day are served in a beautiful community dining room in the historic Anna Botsford Bach Home. All food is organic or biodynamic, with preference given to local produce. The delicious, vegetarian meals are based on the therapeutic diet plan of the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland.

platter of nutritious food
platter of nutritious food

Group Activities

Group Activities are an important aspect of the experience.  Group singing starts the day (after breakfast),  and evening educational programs are spread throughout the session.  There are also weekend outing opportunities, as well as nearby parks available for walking, hiking and plant observation. Ambulatory patients are encouraged to participate in the varied aspects of maintaining gardens, and to walk in the open air. Evening and weekend social events such as  musical performances further enhance the sense of community that many patients feel during the sessions.




Your plan of care will be individually tailored to your needs. You may have some treatments or therapies daily, or every other day, but you may not need all therapies.


Rhythmical massage is a specific form of massage, individually prescribed and performed by specially trained massage therapists.


Compresses, foot-baths, applications of oils, and therapeutic baths (including oil dispersion and over-warming baths

IV Therapies

Depending on the diagnosis, a number of IV therapies may be given during your stay, including high dose Vitamin C, glutathione, Myer’s Cocktail and others

Art Therapy

Promotes healing through use of drawing, watercolor painting, and clay modeling


Spacial dynamics therapy is used to harmonize and strengthen body and soul