Art Classes with Sara Wilson

Thursday Nights at 7:30 EST, April 13th-May 4th 

Exploring Warm and Cool Colors in the Medium of Your Choice

This session will focus more on balancing colors to create  pleasing imagery, than achieving perfect form. Suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike, this class will provide instruction on color theory and guided exercises to deepen your understanding of putting colors in relationship to create pleasing compositions.

Mediums (your choice)

  • pastels (oil or chalk)
  • crayon
  • colored pencil
  • watercolor


  • Balancing warm and cool color
  • Introduction to color theory
  • Get a better understanding of color concepts
  • Guided practice exercises to experiment with color



Our programs are priced on a sliding scale. This allows us to make them accessible to more people. The program costs $65 to run, please assess your means and if you need community support you can select a lower cost, if you can afford to help others you can move up the scale!