We have created some guidelines to help you prepare for a fast. Properly preparing your body the week before your fast not only makes the fast itself easier, but also greatly improves the results!

Taper Off Addictive Food and Drink

It is important to taper off any “addiction-type” foods before your fast, particularly caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, sugar, and salt, or anything you tend to eat in abundance (e.g. chips, ice cream…) If you cut these types of foods off suddenly, you are more likely to experience headaches and stomachaches. So best to start cutting down or cutting out as early as possible before the fast so that you have an easy “withdrawal” before we start. Eating smaller meals with an emphasis on raw and vegan food will also be advantageous. Try not to eat anything after 7pm daily, and especially resist the temptation to eat a large meal the night before the fast! Cutting down on your meals before you start prepares your mind, stomach, and appetite for the fast.

Work Towards a Raw & Vegan Diet

By the day before your fast it would be good to eat only raw foods, no dairy or meat, no fats except what is in the raw foods which would be minimal or a little olive oil on salad, for example. On the morning of the fast it is best to have transitioned to juices only, or if that is not possible then the food intake should be small amounts of fruit.

Consult a physician before you fast if you have ever had any of the following conditions: kidney stones, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, angina, seizures, severe muscle cramping during exercise or migraines. At our sessions we track weight, blood pressure, pulse, and urine to make sure things are going well.