Detox Weekend Art Therapy



Physician Supervised

Physician Supervised

Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird will be involved in every aspect of the program and give educational lectures and practical advice throughout. 

Yarrow for Detox

Liver Compress

The liver compress is a feature of our intensive sessions and is a wonderful way to support the liver in its detox function. We also use yarrow that we grow at the health center for our liver support tea.

Daily Activities

Group Meditation


Morning Stretching

Group Singing

Detox Footbath


Liver Detox Compress and Rest

Nature Walks

Nutrition Discussion


Evening Meditation (Soul Cleansing)

Spatial Dynamics

Overnight Option

Spend the weekend in one of the beautiful rooms at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center.


Program ONly

Spend nights at your home and come for as much or as little of the program as you like.


Detox Weekend Registration

(Full schedule available below registration form)

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Detox Weekend Sept 14-16, 2018 Schedule


6:30-7:30pm       Arrival for overnight participants

7:30-9pmIntroduction and Orientation (Ruckschau)


7:30 Wake – Up

8:00Group Meditation

8:15-9 amBreakfast

9:15-9:45 amMorning Stretching

9:45-10:15 amGroup Singing

10:30-11:30 am   Detox Foot bath

11:30-12:30 pmArt

12:30-1:30 pmLunch

1:30-2:30  pmLiver Detox Compress and Rest

2:30-3:15 pmNature Walk

3:15-4:00 pmQuiet Time for Reading, Journaling, or Meditating

4:00-5:00 pmMovement

5:00-5:45 pmNutrition Discussion

6:00-7:00 pmDinner

7-8 pmBiography

8:00-8:15Evening Meditation and Ruckschau


7:30 Wake – Up

8:00Group Meditation

8:15-9 amBreakfast

9:15-9:45 amMorning Stretching

9:45-10:15 amGroup Singing

10:30-11:30 am   Detox Foot bath

11:45-12:30 pmArt

12:30-1:30 pmLunch

1:30-2:30  pmLiver Detox Compress and Rest

2:30-3:15 pmNature Walk

3:15-4:00 pmQuiet Time for Reading, Journaling, or Meditating

4:00-5:00 pmSpatial Dynamics

5:00-5:45 pmNutrition Discussion

6:00-7:00 pmDinner

7:00 Completion and Departure

Liver Detox Weekend

Our detox weekend is designed for anyone who is wishing to optimize their detox system and experience some techniques to do at home after the session.  Participants will learn about diet, movement, compresses, liver function and rhythm, meditation and more.  The weekend will begin with orientation Friday evening and end after dinner on Sunday.  Participants may stay at the Health Center and have their compresses in their rooms or go home at night and bring a mat and a sheet for doing the compress on the floor.

Everyone will benefit from the weekend physically and will learn how to continue with detox support at home.  This program is in no sense a drug or alcohol medical detoxification program.  


Cleanse Your Body

The fasting state changes how your body works on a cellular level allowing for deep restorative cleansing.

Boost Immune System

During a fast your body saves energy by salvaging damaged immune cells, this functions as a reset button for your system.

Mental Clarity

Fasting has been shown to increase mental acuity, and work against many of the side-effects of aging.

Participant Testimonials

“The Fasting Weekend was super in every respect. I loved the group activities – it was like camp. The staff was wonderful and it was very well run.”

Penny Cruse

This was a wonderful center, program, staff, activities, and supportive time. The RSHC itself is the jewel at the center – a beautiful healing environment.

P. Rosenkrands

I enjoyed all the different kinds of nourishment, the social interaction, the variety of experiences. The staff couldn’t be better! Attention to detail and teaching/facilitating styles added to a relaxing while challenging weekend. The colors in the soups and juices were spectacular!

Blanche Price

The staff was very kind, caring and sensitive as well as very professional. They knew what they were doing and kept us on track.

Judy Dever

Why detox?

Benefits of a Detox Cleanse

Deciding to make a change in your health like a detox program is a big first step. Maybe there is an illness that triggers the decision but for many it is a feeling of “unwellness”, not enough energy, brain fog, mood swings, lack of motivation, eating too much and the wrong foods, or various digestive complaints. Many times the need for a “reset” is the stated reason.  Committing to this kind of an intervention is proactive and empowering. Something that is simple and yet has clear and immediate benefits.

Supervised Fasting

Our Program

Designed and led by Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird our fasting sessions build on the benefits of fasting to create an environment of learning that helps you foster your ability to find nourishment through other means.

Organic Juices
Fresh pressed organic juices are made daily from local produce to ensure your body is getting only the best nutrients during your fast.
Group Meditation
Our meditation program calms and focuses the mind to enhance the clarity bringing properties of the fast.
Music and Art
Practicing music and art during your fast is another way to center your mind and bring your attention to the things that rejuvenate it.
Enlivened Study
Group study helps you understand and discuss what is happening in your body during your fast.
An ancient practice that is proven to help build community and enriches the group experience during the program.
Nature Observation
Fasting is such an effective way of bringing clarity to the mind. During our program we enhance this clarity by doing group study.

The Detox Program


The aim of this program is not only to provide a supportive detox environment but to help the participants learn skills they can take home to practice detox in their daily lives.

Physician Led and Supervised

Come fast with us in a safe environment, fully supervised with instruction by our medical director Molly McMullen-Laird, MD.

The Liver Compress

The perfect introduction to antroposophic healthcare, our youth seminar teaches ages 18-30 the basics and gives them a chance to put them into practice for a good cause.

Program Cost

Single Room ($350)

Enjoy a private room at the Health Center on Friday and Saturday nights.

Shared Room ($300)

Stay at the Health Center in a shared room. Great for full immersion or for people from out of town.

Program Only ($180)

Great option for locals, attend the program and sleep at home.

Registration Information

The program is limited to 18 participants. CSAM Patient Organization members receive an automatic $50 discount.

Participants are free to attend as much or as little of the program as they like.

Questions? Call 734-663-4365 or email [email protected]

Refund Policy

Cancellations 1 month or more from the start date are refundable minus a $20 admin fee. Cancellations at least 2 weeks from the start date receive a 50% refund, and cancellations within 2 weeks of the start date will receive a 50% credit which can be applied to the next event.

Medical Disclaimer

That this is a purely educational program and does not involve any doctor visits. It does not establish a doctor-patient relationship with any of the doctors at Steiner Health.

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