Detox Weekend

​Dates TBD

Our detox weekend is designed for anyone who is wishing to optimize their detox system and experience some techniques to do at home after the session.  Participants will learn about diet, movement, compresses, liver function and rhythm, meditation and more.  The weekend will begin with orientation Friday evening and end after dinner on Sunday.  Participants may stay at the Health Center and have their compresses in their rooms or go home at night and bring a mat and a sheet for doing the compress on the floor.  Everyone will benefit from the weekend physically and will learn how to continue with detox support at home.  This program is in no sense a drug or alcohol medical detoxification program.  

Detox Weekend Art Therapy


The aim of this program is not only to provide a supportive detox environment but to help the participants learn skills they can take home to practice detox in their daily lives.

Physician Supervised

Physician Supervised

Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird will be involved in every aspect of the program and give educational lectures and practical advice throughout. 

Yarrow for Detox

Liver Compress

The liver compress is a feature of our intensive sessions and is a wonderful way to support the liver in its detox function. We also use yarrow that we grow at the health center for our liver support tea.

Daily Activities

Group Meditation


Morning Stretching

Group Singing

Detox Footbath


Liver Detox Compress and Rest

Nature Walks

Nutrition Discussion


Evening Meditation (Soul Cleansing)

Spatial Dynamics

Overnight Option

Spend the weekend in one of the beautiful rooms at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center.


Program ONly

Spend nights at your home and come for as much or as little of the program as you like.