Thank you to everyone who helped to make our 20th Anniversary Matching Grant a success!  

Steiner Health celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in the fall of 2017.  In honor of this occasion, a few generous donors pooled their resources to start a matching fund.   The originators of the grant would match every dollar up to $37,500 raised by February, 2018. You may have watched our matching grant thermometer in the office rise steadily until we achieved our goal in February.  Thank you very much to everyone who helped us raise $75,000 in this campaign. The donations will help support our patients in need and present and future programs.

These programs include the Life Force Intensive Health Retreats held at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center for two weeks at a time five times per year.  This program is the only anthroposophic inpatient program held in the U.S. Over 60 Life Force Intensive Health Retreats have been run treating patients with chronic illness, cancer and other health issues.  Scholarships are available to patients in need thanks to the generosity of our donors.

The Learn, Work, Share (LWS) summer intern program will run for the 7th time in June, 2018.  The interns come to the Health Center to learn about anthroposophic medicine and therapies for the first half of the program and then work and share what they have learned in the second half.  They live at the Health Center for 10 days and are provided with three meals a day all at no cost. This program has been an inspiration to everyone involved. Last year, the interns and doctors traveled to Flint, MI each day for a week to put their knowledge to work.  The interns led residents in art, movement and music therapy and detox treatments. The program will run in the same format this June.

Two Fasting Weekends are held every year at the Health Center.  One is usually held in October and one in April. Participants fast together and enjoy daily activities of singing, movement, art, nature walks, nutrition talks, reading and discussion and more throughout the days.  Three gatherings are held each day and small quantities of freshly made vegetable juice, kvass or broth are served. The weekend has been enjoyed by many over 10 years and seems to be a very helpful rest and reset. Many participants have commented on how overall nourished they feel at the conclusion of the fast.

Art sessions have been offered throughout the years at the Health Center.  Classes on water color painting, clay and nature studies have been well attended.  For the future, a Detox Weekend is being developed.

All of the above programs are run with the support of our donors.  The success of the 20th Anniversary Matching Grant allows us to continue helping our patients and the community with programs.  Thank you very much! We are very grateful to you!

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