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About Us

Steiner Health in a non-profit medical center in Ann Arbor, Michigan providing anthroposophic care for patients with chronic conditions during our two week intensive sessions. We also run educational wellness weekends where participants can benefit from our years of experience in helping our patients cleanse and support their bodies and immune systems.

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Intensive Sessions

Designed for ambulatory patients with cancer or other chronic illnesses, the intensive sessions are ideal for starting mistletoe treatment or any other medical situation that could benefit both intensive physician supervision and extraordinary supportive therapies and nutrition.

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Supervised Fasting

Enjoy a weekend fasting session with  juicing, meditation, art, music, and educational programs designed to help you bring your fasting benefits into your life at home.

Liver Detox

Liver Detox

The detox weekend it designed as a mini intensive session. We focus on nutrition and cooking, lifestyle, and teach some specific procedures that we do at the intensive sessions to help decrease toxicity.


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