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Participants of all ages can experience a healing environment based on the anthroposophic medical insights of Austrian scientist-philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).Our two-week intensive therapeutic session is designed for ambulatory individuals with a variety of ailments and chronic illnesses, or anyone seeking a restorative regimen. Our patients have suffered chronic fatigue, recovery from chemotherapy, arthritis, stroke, MS, digestive issues and many other problems. Many of our patients receive Iscador, the most commonly used cancer treatment in Germany. As a patient, you will receive individualized care from founding physicians Quentin McMullen, Md and Molly McMullen-Laird, MD. Both physicians were trained in Internal Medicine in the United States and in Anthroposophic Medicine in europe.A unique feature of our therapeutic sessions is the availability of anthroposophical therapies: rhythmical massage, movement therapy, therapeutic baths, art and color-light therapy, music and singing, and nursing therapies. A talented, dedicated team of nurses and therapists, under the medical direction of drs. Molly and Quentin McMullen, create an unparalleled healing environment.

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Art Therapy—specific exercises using drawing, watercolor painting, and clay modeling.

Therapeutic Eurythmy and Spatial Dynamics—Using archetypal and focused move- ment to harmonize and strengthen body and soul.

Color-Light Therapy—a special color exposure and response therapy developed in Europe.

Therapeutic Music—harmonizing the activities of inner organs through directed listening and playing on therapeutic instruments.

Rhythmical Massage—by trained Hauschka massage therapists, whenever available.

Therapeutic Baths—using Hauschka and Weleda emulsions and special oil dispersion techniques. Anthroposophic nursing treatments including compresses, embrocations, and footbaths.

Group Activities—are an important aspect of the experience. After breakfast, group singing starts the day. Evening programs and weekend outings provide educational and cultural enrichment. Nearby parks offer walking, hiking and plant observation opportunities.

Meals are served three times per day in a beautiful community dining room in the historic Anna Botsford Bach Home. All food is organic or biodynamic, with preference given to local produce. The delicious, vegetarian meals are based on the therapeutic diet plan of the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland.

Steiner Health was founded in 1997 as a donor supported 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing patient are, education, and research in anthroposophic medicine.