What To Bring

We provide you with linens for the duration of your stay

Sheets and Pillows and Pillowcases

Towels, washcloths


What to bring

Your prescription medicines, enough to last for the stay here

Soap, shampoo and toiletries (should you forget we have Weleda and Hauschka items for sale)

Cell phone if desired

Clothing for 2 weeks (if you can’t bring enough for 2 weeks, the nurses aides can do your laundry here for a fee)


Your favorite pillow and blanket


Slippers or inside shoes, good walking shoes

Bathing suit, robe (for bath therapy)

Writing materials, journals, musical instruments

Camera, binoculars, water bottle/day pack

What NOT to bring

Heavily scented shampoos, soaps or perfumes [as a courtesy to sensitive patients]

MP3, CD, or cassette player

Phone Calls

All calls concerning registration, medical records, etc. should be made to the telephone number at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center (734) 663-4365. All calls regarding payments, credit cards or such should be made to the outpatient office at 734-222-1491.  There are no telephones in the bedrooms, but our staff is willing to take a small number of messages for participants.   If you plan on making and receiving lots of calls, please bring a cell phone.  There is only 1 phone available for patients to make calls, if long distance, then you will need a calling card.

Arrival Plans

Arrival time at the Health Center is between 1:30-4:30pm on Monday, depending on your assigned intake appointment. If you need to arrive on Sunday and stay overnight, you can find accommodation options here.

Arriving by Plane

The closest airport is Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), and is about a 40 minute drive from the Rudolf Steiner Health Center. Please make arrangements for transportation to the center in advance (see list below).

Bus Service from the airport

The Michigan Flyer’s near zero emissions busses runs from the airport to the Blake Transit Center in downtown Ann Arbor, https://www.michiganflyer.com/. The fee is between $10-$15 one way when booked in advance, or $15 when you board. They run almost every hour 7am to 10pm daily. They will drop you downtown (at BTC) and then you would need a cab ($5-10) or another bus to get to the Health Center (see Around Town below).

Shuttle Services from the airport

Most shuttle services have discounts for multiple people. If you would like us to pair you up with another retreat participant arriving at the same time, please send us your itinerary at least 1 week before the session begins.

AnnarborAirportShuttle.net: $37 one way

Custom Transit 734-971-5555: $40 one way, $65 RT

Metro Airport Shuttle 734-507-9220 annarbormetroshuttle.com: $40 one way

Accent Transportation Services 1-800-346-9884 ($100 RT, they will meet you at the baggage claim)

Reliable 734-637-6130 ($100 RT incl. tip, anytime day or night; if more than one person $60 RT).

The prices quoted above are subject to change so please check with the company directly.

Taxis are also readily available at the airport but are more expensive.

Arriving by Train

The amtrak train station is located downtown Ann Arbor. From there you can take a cab ($5-10) or a city bus to get to the Health Center. Amtrak recommends that you call their toll free number (800 872–7245) for route and price information.

Arriving by Car

The Rudolf Steiner Health Center can accommodate up to 10 cars in the parking area. Generally there is plenty of parking on site, and additional parking on both side streets. Please see driving directions page under contact us. If you use a GPS or online map service, be sure to put in 1422 W. Liberty Street, otherwise you may end up on Liberty Road.

Arriving by Bus

The Ann Arbor greyhound bus station is located at 115 E. Williams St., (800) 231–2222, 734-662-5511 in downtown Ann Arbor right near the Blake Transit Center which is the main Ann Arbor bus station. From there you can take a cab ($5-8) or a city bus ($1.50) to get to the Health Center. For locations and schedules, see the greyhound website or call (800) 231-2222.

Around Town

Ann Arbor Transportation Authority is Ann Arbor’s public transportation system and stops almost directly at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center. AATA has a stop within a quarter mile of almost any point in Ann Arbor. The fare is $1.50 and includes a transfer ticket (when requested).  For ride information see the AATA website or call 734 996–0400. The bus stop outside the Rudolf Steiner Health Center is serviced by the 12A and 12B routes.

University buses have routes on campus and run 7 days per week year round, except for some exceptions on or around University holidays. University buses are free to ride.

For a list of taxi service providers, see visitannarbor.org.

In addition to the Clean Air Coalition’s ArborBike stations around downtown, (see arborbike.org), several bike rental shops exist around town. Riding around town is a good activity for Saturday afternoon or Sunday when there are no therapies at the center. The closest rental shops are Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness, 2015 West Stadium Boulevard (734) 668-6484 ‎greatlakescycling.com, and Campus Student Bike Shop, 336 Maynard (734) 327-6949, campusstudentbikeshop.com.

Conclusion of the Session

The session will finish on Saturday after lunch (1:30pm). Please plan to leave the center by 3pm. If you must leave earlier in the day just let us know so that we can plan accordingly.