Steiner Health celebrates 20 years of providing anthroposophic medical care in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The vision of extending conventional medical practice with holistic integrative care (anthroposophic medicine)as practiced in Europe began in 1997 as the non-profit Community Supported Anthroposophical Medicine.

In addition to primary care services, a residential program for chronically ill patients at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center was established in 2003.  A collaborative Patient Organization direct care model provides care outside the traditional insurance system and focuses on preventive and natural remedies for common health issues.

Education and wellness seminars take place and an introduction to anthroposophic care for young professionals takes place each summer.  Both founding physicians Molly McMullen-Laird, MD and Quentin McMullen, MD, are Board Certified in Internal Medicine with International Certification in Anthroposophic Medicine from the Goetheanum in Switzerland.