Liquids:  juice, herbal teas, water, broth, specialty liquids like kvass or fermented liquids as desired. Lemon juice or slices is a nice addition if desired. 

All the liquids can be purchased or made at home.  I like the Biotta brand of vegetable juices if you are shopping for bottled ones.  We are not recommending smoothies.

Access to zoom for our meetings/ computer or iphone 

Space to meditate each morning, to sit for 15-20 minutes comfortably

Space to move and comfortable clothes to stretch and bend

A place to walk and observe nature each day and a phone to take some photos, even 1 photo

Paper and a pencil, no.2 if you have it or a colored pencil if you prefer.  The paper can be sketching paper or copy paper or even construction paper, as desired.  An eraser as well.  

It is good to have some acetaminophen or ibuprofen on hand in case you get a bad headache.


If you own a blood pressure cuff you can check your blood pressure each morning and report that on your fasting log.